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I have helped countless people over the years being in the BDSM LS & as a Pro Domme to not only fulfill there fantasies & desires but, encouraging and supporting them to accept who they are. What there Kinks & Fetishes represent to them as individuals & in retrospect own, honor, & be Proud of themselves. Overall, who they will become with using BDSM as a tool to heal and end result, be happy. That is the Key .
In embracing your kinks it not only improves your mental state during your 'play' it enhances & spills over into the outside world hence , improving our day to day life.

My Mission Statement is to encourage everyone to be there true self. Not through shame but, through acceptance of who you are truly meant to be.
When you are with me on whatever level or dynamic the most important aspect to me is that you leave elated and have accepted yourself for who you are what you represent. Not to society but, to yourself.
Understanding that life is a journey not a checklist.

Intrigued? Move forward see what I offer in my Dungeon!

Then  reach out with any inquiries on 

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I look forward to hearing from you.

Mistress Cherry, Pro Dominatrix, Educator, You Tuber, & Podcaster

Specializing in BDSM & Personal Healing 

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