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My Dungeon is a Breathtaking Amazing Play Space.
It consists of 4 rooms of KINK.
It starts with the main Dungeon with all of the Equipment, Toys, & Implements that you can possibly imagine. With a Suspension Swing with Stirrups for medical play, A State of the Art St. Andrews Cross, Hard Points, CBT Chair, Bondage Wall, Human Size Bench, & More. Then  we have the Time Out Isolation Room installed with a Bondage Board with chains & cuffs on the wall!
Then we venture out to the Open Concept Area where I have a KINKY Classroom  with  a student & teacher's desk and a Naughty Corner. Beside that is the Little Area. Where you can indulge in your ABDL side, color, have a nap in the playpen, be nurtured, disciplined. Again in all of these rooms the ideas I have for scenes is endless.
You can pick one room for your scene or all of them.
Full Shower facilities, Kitchen (Dinner optional), & plenty of room for Overnight sessions. Which are fabulous.
Which room(s) do you choose?
Additional Equipment- Stocks, Massage Table, Bondage Bed, & More!

As well as countless collars, posture collars, gladiator cuffs. thigh cuffs, leather cuffs. ring, bit, and ball gags, chains, ropes ( all kinds) crops ,whips, canes, floggers, straps, paddles, sounds, humbler, cock rings, CBT accessories( parachutes, clamps, cages, toys) nipple clamps, dildos, strap-on harnesses, electro, candles for wax play, weights, and more!
What is catching your KINKY eye ?
Let me know!
Mistress Cherry

Mistress Cherry - Professional Dominatrix

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