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  Three Way Play is Exciting!
Push your limits & try some group play!  
         Myself with a Pro-Female Switch- $600/90min.
Dominatrix Scenes x 2 - $600/90 min.
Myself & Doctor Joy & or Madame Sunrise
     * all 3 or 4  of us can be arranged!
$300/professional/90 min.*



Doctor Joy is a Dominatrix with a 

passion for Total Power Exchange.

She loves  flogging, spanking, medical play ( including needles), pegging, bondage; just to name a few.  Which makes us a great team as those are some of my specialty  kinky activities as well.

 Scenarios offered to fit 

your Kinks, Fetishes, & Desires!

Sound intriguing?

It is! Reach out for more details.

This sexy switch is fun and flexible. We can top you together; switch it up & we top her. She loves to be nude,  spanked,  assist me in bondage, flog you or tag team. Scene is catered to what you want to experience. A fluent exciting scenario for the curious & or experienced kinkster.

Reach out for more details. 

All scenes are with myself & her.

( No sex )


Madame Sunrise is a sensualist that knows how to wield a flogger, as well as a paddle. Together we are that sadist sensual duo. Madame believes in walking the path together to explore your deepest desires & embraces the freedom & empowerment that come with living authentically in the world of BDSM/Kink!

Reach out to book a session with us.


Mistress Cherry Leatherchaps


Email me for more info on the  
Serious inquiries only! 
Mistress Cherry
(the above sessions are 
scheduled a week in advance)


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